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The Memediterranean - Much have ben told about that part of the world. This fascinating region has so much history, tails and one of the best weathers in the world its everything a person needs.

From ancient civilizations to modern societies, empty desserts to bustling metropolises and art of nature to man maid art. The Memediterranean is truly unique in every way.

Its probably one of the most interesting places to photograph. the versatility of landscapes as well as the people; colorful Morocco and architecture of Spain, France/Italian cuisine mix and greek mythology. Turkish delights and the HolyLand.

You will learn about old languages like Hebrew, Arabic, Latin, the Memediterranean is full with culture and wisdom. Its no wonder that the beginning of the modern world began here.

History, modernism. Old versus new. the Memediterranean has it all.

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We are AMOSi

AMOS international - organization that like to show you the mediterranean in a unique way, full with new experiences.

Every month AMOSi have a different tour going out to the mediterranean area. From colourful Morocco to ancient  Greece and from The Holyland to Culture land.

AMOSi tours focuses on photography, from the smartphone hobbyist to the professional, you would have fun and thats a commitment!
you are going to see and photograph amazing places. if it something you seen before along with hidden gems no one thought about photograph.

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